Ohm Referral Code - OHMREFD0335E


Putting this out there on the web in case anyone needs it.
This will give you a $20 credit to offset your electricity bills if you are a new Ohm customer.

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All in all, Ohm gives you the best rates without any of the fuss or traps that other retailers have. I did my research with the plans that the 14 retailers for the Jurong Open Electricity Market soft launch came up with, and Ohm is almost unrivaled. Only Geneco's Night Saver back then offered a unique peak/off peak plan that Ohm doesn't cover, and even then it would still cost roughly the same monthly for most users as compared to Ohm Discount.

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PS: This site/domain is intentionally left bare, as it does not usually contain any publicly accessible content. If you need a much nicer website to convince you to switch to Ohm, do consider visiting their site at https://ohm.sg. This site is not affiliated with Ohm.